A little weekend fun


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A few weeks ago, L and I decided on a staycation here in our lovely city of Toronto. We’ve been meaning to go on a “legit” vacation but there hasn’t been a chance to. L, is too busy with the business to leave for more than a weekend and we decided that it’s probably not worth it to go to Bahamas or Vegas or Florida for just the weekend. We’d definitely come back more tired than rejuvenated! So we’ve decided to stay local.

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New Obsession


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Long time no see, WordPress! Oh how I’ve missed you! You can thank the apps on my iPad for my absence. I seem to be super fixated on the Rock Band Reloaded app. Even paid $9.99 for it! Yuuuuup, you can now call me crazy! It’s so awful cuz I, for the life of me, cannot carry a tune to save my life…But what do I do? I insist on doing the vocals each and every single time. It’s enough that I can’t sing well but you know how the vocal part in Rock Band is! You gotta keep your voice in tune with this little arrow. So you can just imagine how ruddy fantastic I sound. Not very. Hahaha. So far L hasn’t complained of bleeding ears yet. He’s just taken the passive aggressive route of turning on some music when I’m playing this game. Can’t say I blame him!

See you next time, dear WordPress. I’m off to obsess about something else and then come back to you after a long time. Just like an asshole boyfriend 😉



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This is my first post in about 2 months. I’ve just dropped off the face of the earth. I’m just wrapping up Dental school so that’s what’s been taking over my life. Thank jesus it’s almost over!!!! I am so excited. I will get my life back and be able to start again!

I’ve missed my frIends and family! I’ve especially missed my other half! We don’t really get to spend much time together cuz I’m either studying or in clinic. My poor man. I will definitely be making it up to him in the next few weeks/months. I am excited. Just wrapping up clinics then my board exam. No pressure right?? *takes deep breath*

LOOOOONG Overdue post


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So here is my long overdue post, and of course I’m doing this right before the Super Bowl. Anyways, life has taken over and everything has just been crazy busy. So of course, to cope, I’ve been shopping….ALOT. Below is just a little something I got myself (will not post the rest of my shopping cuz I’ll just look like a pretentious a-hole). I just couldn’t resist this little gem I got myself cuz this was the reason I bought an iPad hahahahaha. Pictures below….

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Just hanging out


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On Thursday, I had to work with Toronto Public Health in the evening. I had a huge gap between what I was doing and the time I had to be at the location. So that led me to the Four Seasons hotel. I ended up hanging out at Avenue, which is a lounge in the hotel and got myself a window seat for some prime people watching. It’s too bad that it was raining that day so it wasn’t that good for people watching. I just curled up with a newspaper and my iPad. It was quite nice. Had some lunch later on, and ordered the steak and salad which was alright. But my oh my, was the dessert ever amazing!! I ordered a vanilla corn pudding with maple caramel and goat cheese ice cream. AMAZING! So sweet and delicious. Mmmmmmmmmm. Here’s a picture.

Next time, I’m just gonna head to the Studio Cafe (which is where I usually go) cuz they have a better lunch service. BUT I will definitely ask for that dessert from Avenue.

Mmm Mmm Macarons!


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So today I had a pretty crappy day so I do what I always do when I have one of those days and that’s….buy macarons!!! They are my most favourite pastry ever!! My sweet tooth was salivating at the thought of all that meringue and sweet filling. My go to place for macarons is La Bamboche. In my opinion, they do the best macaron in the city.

The meringue cookie is the right density – crispy outer shell with a chewy center. It’s chewy without being so chewy that you feel like its getting stuck in your teeth and ripping your jaw off. It’s just right. And that filling…oh that filling! Just delectable! It has just the right amount of sweetness. You can eat a dozen of these and not feel like you’re going to become a diabetic! But I’m sure that if you overindulge, you’ll become one anyways. Continue reading

A nightcap of the caffeine sort


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Every Saturday evening after a nice hearty supper, my fiancé L and I head downtown to have a coffee. While we could have “real” espresso at home (he’s italian) or have coffee at a real Italian espresso bar(we’re in the suburbs north of the downtown core with a predominantly Italian community), we decided to change it up and head for the hustle and bustle of the city. He orders his usual cappuccino and me, my caffe latte and we grab a table and play scopa all night. It’s just nice to get out once in a while since we’re both homebodies and relatively busy. The location we like to frequent is in a more tony part of town so seeing and being seen is the main activity. Last night though was a pleasant surprise because the entire area was dead. An absolute ghost town. I guess we could thank the frigid temperatures for that! Thanks Canadian weather for being in the negative numbers last night!

**photos courtesy of the Lettieri website – I was too lazy to take my own photos, hehe.

New Year, new blog


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Just happened upon the WordPress app at the app store on my newly acquired iPad and thought…why not? I seem to have every other blog available so why not? Well, here I am. I figure I can use my inaugural post to mention that I succumbed and got an iPad. And I’ll be damned! I LOVE IT!

This is my first sort of big Apple purchase so this is my first longterm exposure to the Apple operating system. It’s a bit of a learning curve but I’m enjoying every moment of it. This is definitely my new obsession/crack. Simply addicting.

Okay, enough of that. Let’s talk about this blog…I’m going to try to post here as much as I can with the least amount of mindless crap. I’ll leave that kind of stuff on tumblr. I’m hoping to fill this with my experiences, adventures and anything that I find remotely interesting. Hopefully you will too!

And with that, I’m going to end this post with a picture of my new baby. Well, lets cross our fingers and see if I can figure out how to put on a photo.