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I have come to realize that my life is incredibly mundane. A series of the same old, same old. It’s just been eat, sleep, work. I don’t have the chance to do anything remotely interesting cuz I’m working so much now. Not that I’m complaining about work but when I do have the time off, I use it to run errands and the like. So I really don’t have anything worth blogging about. Sad? Yes. Buuuuuut, L and I were in Florida during the holidays so I will post about that….soon. Hah, procrastination at its best. In case you can’t tell, today is my day off. And what am I doing? Well, I am snuggled in my bed under my fantastically warm duvet. It snowed over night and the streets haven’t been plowed yet so that nixes any idea I had of going out. Plus, I really don’t feel like driving when the roads are bad because drivers here suddenly regress back to 2 years of age once snow hits the ground. My day is now at the mercy of the snowplows. Cross your fingers for me!

My dog is now freaking out barking at some poor schmuck walking in front of my house