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After years (approx 3) of trying to persuade him, I’ve finally broken L down and got him to agree to go camping! WOOHOO for this outdoorswoman at heart! The great thing is, he’s actually excited about it and wants to do this repeatedly! Part of the reason he’s agreed is because he wants us to do a cross Canada motorcycle ride (I’m a passenger of course) and camping will be a good part of it to keep lodging costs down and also because we can’t really bring tons of luggage on the back of a bike. Ignore that massive runon sentence. So now, it fell on me to plan this camping trip since I’m the only one between us two who has camping experience. My family used to do tons of camping when I was younger, so I’m banking on that to remember a thing or three about it.

Obviously, I have an ulterior motive. Which is, for me to try and make sure that he has the best time as possible so he will want to take go with me to all these awesome parks! That’s a hell of a job! We’ve decided to go to Algonquin Provincial Park and stay at Canisbay Lake Campground. We’ll just be car camping, so no backcountry business yet. I’m working us up to that hahaha. Despite my family owning a truckload of camping paraphernalia, L’s wee bit of a provider complex decides to make an appearance and now we have to go buy a bunch of stuff and borrow the bare minimum. I guess it’s fine because it’s stuff we can use on our trip across Canada and it’s all lightweight, good quality products. Since we need to keep the weight as low as we can.

Lemme tell you, all these things are adding up! Homegirl’s wallet is threatening to protest (pride dictates that I can’t let L pay for everything even though he’s hurting to, lol)! I’ll make another post on the items we’re scoping to see if anyone can give me any advice/opinions on what we’ve chosen. I don’t claim to be a camping/trekking guru so if you guys know better gear for a better price, please let me know! I’m all about saving as much money as I can right now. L’s birthday, Christmas and a planned vacation is coming up in a few months so I need to save that $$$$.

I’m going to leave you guys with photos a friend took when they were at Algonquin Park a few weeks ago. I’m not sure what trail they took these pics at, all I know is that they stayed at the Canisbay Lake campground (photo cred: S. Soon 2012)

20120814-235320.jpg MOOSE! I wanna see some too! Hopefully no bears! Canisbay Lake is notorious for bear sightings!!