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A few weeks ago, L and I decided on a staycation here in our lovely city of Toronto. We’ve been meaning to go on a “legit” vacation but there hasn’t been a chance to. L, is too busy with the business to leave for more than a weekend and we decided that it’s probably not worth it to go to Bahamas or Vegas or Florida for just the weekend. We’d definitely come back more tired than rejuvenated! So we’ve decided to stay local.

We stayed at the always sumptuous, Park Hyatt Toronto. The atmosphere and ambience just ooze a cool elegance. An instant blanket of comfort and peace. Everything was fantastic! I recommend getting a room on the highest floor you can get (granted there’s only 15, I think) and one away from the elevator. I love everything about this place, my only gripe is that it doesn’t have a pool. Anyways, here are some pictures of the hotel that I’ve pulled from google.



While downtown, we visited the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) to see the special dinosaur exhibit, the Giants of Gondwana. While it was cool and all that, I’m not sure it’s worth the additional $10 unless you’re really into paleontology. The diamond exhibit a while back was definitely worth the extra money to me! Here are some pictures…



After that, we went around to see the rest of the museum that we’ve seen countless times before. This time, to take some silly pictures though I’m sure that some people didn’t appreciate our poses and gestures lol. Sorry! It was all in good fun!

And of course I look through the pictures and find that L has taken a photo of this

20120810-145448.jpg and this


Here are the rest of our silly pictures. I think this confirms that we shouldn’t be let out in public without supervision.