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Long time no see, WordPress! Oh how I’ve missed you! You can thank the apps on my iPad for my absence. I seem to be super fixated on the Rock Band Reloaded app. Even paid $9.99 for it! Yuuuuup, you can now call me crazy! It’s so awful cuz I, for the life of me, cannot carry a tune to save my life…But what do I do? I insist on doing the vocals each and every single time. It’s enough that I can’t sing well but you know how the vocal part in Rock Band is! You gotta keep your voice in tune with this little arrow. So you can just imagine how ruddy fantastic I sound. Not very. Hahaha. So far L hasn’t complained of bleeding ears yet. He’s just taken the passive aggressive route of turning on some music when I’m playing this game. Can’t say I blame him!

See you next time, dear WordPress. I’m off to obsess about something else and then come back to you after a long time. Just like an asshole boyfriend 😉