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On Thursday, I had to work with Toronto Public Health in the evening. I had a huge gap between what I was doing and the time I had to be at the location. So that led me to the Four Seasons hotel. I ended up hanging out at Avenue, which is a lounge in the hotel and got myself a window seat for some prime people watching. It’s too bad that it was raining that day so it wasn’t that good for people watching. I just curled up with a newspaper and my iPad. It was quite nice. Had some lunch later on, and ordered the steak and salad which was alright. But my oh my, was the dessert ever amazing!! I ordered a vanilla corn pudding with maple caramel and goat cheese ice cream. AMAZING! So sweet and delicious. Mmmmmmmmmm. Here’s a picture.

Next time, I’m just gonna head to the Studio Cafe (which is where I usually go) cuz they have a better lunch service. BUT I will definitely ask for that dessert from Avenue.