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Every Saturday evening after a nice hearty supper, my fiancé L and I head downtown to have a coffee. While we could have “real” espresso at home (he’s italian) or have coffee at a real Italian espresso bar(we’re in the suburbs north of the downtown core with a predominantly Italian community), we decided to change it up and head for the hustle and bustle of the city. He orders his usual cappuccino and me, my caffe latte and we grab a table and play scopa all night. It’s just nice to get out once in a while since we’re both homebodies and relatively busy. The location we like to frequent is in a more tony part of town so seeing and being seen is the main activity. Last night though was a pleasant surprise because the entire area was dead. An absolute ghost town. I guess we could thank the frigid temperatures for that! Thanks Canadian weather for being in the negative numbers last night!

**photos courtesy of the Lettieri website – I was too lazy to take my own photos, hehe.